Can a chapstick take years off the age of your lips? It never crossed my mind when I bought my first tube of All Terrain spf 20 Lip Armor chapstick; I was merely excited about the high percentage of zinc oxide (4.5%!), my favorite uva blocker. It was only after I started wearing it that I realized the hidden benefits that would cause me to buy so many tubes, I now have one in the pocket of every jacket I own. I noticed that after I patted it on (the consistency is slightly different than your typical chapstick) and pressed my lips together a few times, those vertical lines in my lips┬áhad disappeared! My lips looked smooth and visibly younger looking. But it doesn’t end there! I also found that my new chapstick did not give off that shiny, going to bed in a robe with curlers in my hair and lotion slathered everywhere greasy look. It has a beautiful matte finish, invisible and perfect under any lipstick or gloss. Sweeet! (they sell it at New Seasons if you’re interested)